There are many ways you can promote your dental practice. With the help of several tools and some time, you can create attractive offers that catches potentially new patient clients. The remaining challenge, then, is to get yourself in front of this audience!

Tools to help

  • Canva is an amazing free tool for creating graphics on the go. Create a template or two that you can reuse over and over again, and you’re all set. Just like how we use the same featured image for all our blog posts at Updriven!
  • Meet Edgar is an excellent tool for scheduling social media posts. The great thing about this tool is that once you add an item into the queue, it will repeatedly post it again within time frames that you set. Great to share dental hygiene blog posts on social media and scheduling holiday promos!
  • ActiveCampaign is an email marketing platform that also has SMS (texting) features. You can use this tool to automatically send reminders to your clientele for scheduling a cleaning examine. If you have promotional emails you would like to send out on a monthly basis (because we don’t want to spam people each week about their oral health!), this tool will help make it easier with template newsletters!
  • Bitable is a video creation platform that simplifies video production to several clicks. Great for building videos for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. What makes this tool awesome has to do with the numerous templates available for you to choose from. All you need to do is take photos and videos with your smartphone, then upload it to their platform for use!
  • Vistaprint offers many different printing products and services. Whether you need business cards, pamphlets, post cards, or any marketing materials, their competitive pricing and customer service can take care of you. Be sure to ask them to send you a free brochure with samples!

Marketing angle ideas

1. Using dental benefits before end of year.

Catch people’s attention about their dental benefits, especially during the holidays.

2. Free teeth whitening for a lifetime

Why not offer free teeth whitening for a LIFE TIME?

3. Free dental consultation

Or a free dental implant consultation.

4. Direct mail ad to nearby homes

Maybe a direct mail ad is what you need to send to nearby neighborhoods!

5. Offering and promoting the latest dental solutions

Focusing on specific products that are trending can help

6. Targeting pain points in your marketing messages

Addressing pain points can be important to invoke emotions

7. Speak to the children’s parents with pediatric dental services

Adults aren’t the only ones who need professional oral care!

8. Implant-supported dentures for seniors

Seniors could use the help as well, and the implants that can last a lifetime.

9. Creative dental marketing angles

Get a little creative with your marketing message and imagery!

10. Include scarcity to entice action

Don’t forget to include scarcity to encourage potentially new patients to act fast!

11. E-book on how to choose a dentist

Try an e-book that potential new patients might want to learn more about!

12. Social proof in marketing messages

Don’t forget to use social proofs (testimonies!) in your marketing. Having other patients speak on your behalf can be compelling.

13. Live chat for those who can’t wait

And when someone reaches out, be sure to message back in a timely manner!

14. Offering gift vouchers in your referral programs

You can also run a referral program: refer a friend and receive $50 gift card.

15. Discounted dental services

Or run a dental service pricing discount, like having dental implant $1,000 off. Those with less insurance coverage or without any will appreciate it.

16. Make use of your site

You can promote offers on your home page, create a promotional page on your site, and also offer promotional deals on individual service pages that can distinguish you from your competitors. Don’t forget to include testimonials, videos, and great photos!

17. Run a Facebook/Google paid ads campaign

Paid ads (also known as pay-per-click, or PPC) can be a great way to test new traffic channels on the two largest digital ads platforms. Do some interest and keyword research, target locally, and always split-test different images and marketing messages. Don’t forget to test YouTube videos, Google Maps ads, Instagram, and all the different Facebook Ad formats!

Search campaign on Google Ads

Local search ads with location extensions enabled

18. Brand awareness campaigns and multiple services in ads

You can also test carousel ads and build aware that your practice is offering multiple services.

19. Invest in your website SEO equity

Improve your organic search visibility so that you get in front of people when they are looking for a dental practice such as your own. Conduct proper keyword research, analyze what keyword channels competitors are targeting, and produce content and build links accordingly. Be sure to resolve any SEO technical issues and optimize your website on-page signals! Learn more about why SEO is better for dentists.

Rank on the first page of important keyword channels

20. Don’t forget your existing clientele

Aside from new patients, you can increase the lifetime value of your existing clients. Send follow-up emails, post cards, and call them from time to time. Train your front line staff in exceptional customer care. Be sure to ask to be referred, and offer an incentive for it, too. Maybe a Google My Business, Facebook, or video testimonial review while you’re at it!

21. Connect with other organizations

Contact the event host, moderators, speakers, and other organizations. You can sponsor events, non-profit charities, and figure out a way to partner up with other businesses (now or in the near future). Offer exclusive promotions to the attendees only. See if you can collect emails while you’re at it, Facebook/Instagram likes and shares, or hand out awesome branded swag. Make them feel special!