We’re a Team of Search Marketing Consultants, Passionate in Helping Your Business Grow

We are a search marketing agency located in Toronto. We help businesses create and scale profitable growth across their service area and beyond. We’re specialists in search strategy, SEO, and PPC marketing.

Our Values






Why Work With Us?

We base our digital search decisions on the data and focus solely on driving you results. If you care about building a digital presence and bringing on an agency that becomes an integral part of your team from day one, you have come to the right agency. Making your team smarter and empowering you with marketing insights with each passing month as you work with us is important as we look towards the future of your business. You can also look at our training options if you want to keep execution in-house.

There are several reasons our clients choose The Search Architects:

  • We are fully transparent with our work, record our work, and walk you through what to expect as a result of our work. We want to get you to our level of understanding with digital search.
  • We speak in a non-biased manner, indicating both exceptional results and challenges that we are facing. We’re in this with you at a business partner level.
  • We send frequent updates, about any issues that arise, about any work we have completed, and what search results our work has brought for your business. You hear from us often.

Agency Certifications

A testament to our performance marketing skills are our certification on multiple platforms. We stay on our toes, keep up with the latest trends, and ensure we are up to date on the new features of major advertising solutions.

Let’s discuss what we can do for you

Ask us about initiatives we have undergone that relates to your needs. We can discuss how to improve your presence, capture greater attention for your business, and attract more qualified leads.

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