One of the hurdles we understand is not knowing what you are in for. So let’s clarify matters.

During your first official contact with us as our client, you hop on a discovery call with our search marketing specialist to strategize your marketing campaign. During this initial call, we pick your brain to better understand:

  • your business
  • your industry
  • marketing campaign goals
  • current and previous search marketing campaigns
  • potential keyword targets

At the same time, you get to ask us questions to better understand how search marketing works, how we will work for you, and what our first impressions are on the search marketing work in front of us.

We then let you know that:

  • A more comprehensive audit will be done for your site
  • An audit report will be sent to you
  • Keyword research will be conducted; and
  • Any additional website, analytics, and tracking access we may need to perform our work

After the first week or two, you will receive:

  • The comprehensive audit, breaking down different technical aspects of your site and what work needs to be done
  • A keyphrase spreadsheet, indicating the keywords our  campaign will be based around; and
  • Quick wins optimizations our team has already performed for you, such as metadata optimizations

The next week after, further optimizations will be performed on your site. In addition:

  • You receive a report on your competitors and what keywords they advertise and ranking on
  • Conversion optimizations we would like to implement on your site to better convert organic search traffic to potential leads and/or sale
  • More comprehensive technical optimizations our team have performed for your site, such as addressing indexing issues, fixing broken links, and redirecting dead pages to live ones

Entering the month’s end, you would receive a report that shares with you:

  • A PDF of the web analytics and keyword performance of your site
  • Bullet point summary email on the results of our work, what we worked on exactly, and what we look forward to accomplishing in our next month (if you choose to proceed)

That’s essentially the gist of it. There will be little nuances here and there that vary depending on your specific needs. Our team is ready to tailor our work to implement changes on your site as your request, research more into specific competitors, or focus on specific on-page optimizations for your site.

We hope this paints a clear picture of what to expect in your first month with us. If you are ready to take the next step, be sure to submit a request for a FREE audit of your site.