A pandemic is looming and a client that’s been in the insurance industry for 10+ years now is in preparation mode for the drastic rise in online shopping for quotes. They understood that search marketing is the way, and investing heavily into SEO and content is essential in adapting to this extreme change in consumer behavior. This needed to be done while a new online ordering system service was in development.

Referrals, conferences, and cold calling worked before. Now, new digital avenues must be explored.

What we found

An inspection of their SEO campaign found that the website requires revamping in the way its structured. The home page ranks for a city-specific keyword channel.

There was also a lack of content for capturing numerous city-specific keyword channels. Insurance is searched at a local level, so a need for content catering to local search results is required.

We also found:

  • The website user experience was poor with navigation and page speed requiring attention
  • Optimization was incomplete, requiring data-driven work to each page
  • Restructuring of the virtual and physical silos of the website can go a long way to improve topical authority
  • Identified 15 cities we want to prioritize our focus

How we improved our digital presence

To obtain more leads, we needed to increase our online authority and increase the reach of our organic search campaign. We needed to understand where we are today and where we want to be in a 9 to 12-month timeframe. To achieve this, we:

  • Identified keyword channels of focus
  • Planned the ideal website hierarchy and structure to improve user navigational experience
  • Run a content gap audit to determine additional content needs and existing web page optimization goals

In addition, upon closer inspection of our landing page experiences, we made improvements to our website page templates, including:

  • Improving mobile friendliness and experience
  • Conversion rate optimization with clear call-to-actions throughout page content
  • Content optimization to improve contextual clarity for search engines

What came from our work

As a result of our work, we witnessed:

  • 61% increase year-over-year in organic search traffic
  • Fully optimized website with 130 web pages, plus 35 additional landing pages
  • 2x increase in new keyword visibility
  • Successful launch of online quoting system service with an immediately realization of a new revenue stream


There is a compelling reason why businesses invest in their SEO: You can reach a point where a well-written article can generate a tremendous amount of leads for as long as your website is live. Like having a sales person that never sleeps and in more than 1 place at a time!

When your website reaches “authoritative status”, any page you publish can take you to the top of the Google search results. You can get in front of your ideal prospects every day.

Interested in starting a conversation about your digital search? You can learn more about what we have to offer here, then reach out to us to discuss how we can help you.