A jeweler with previous experience working with a not-so-reputable digital marketing agency was in need of new customers for their business. They understood that digital media is the way to go, but needed someone with reliable skills, expertise, and experience in their industry. From a quick call, we understood the services they wanted to offer, the highest profit margin products, and what they wanted to avoid.

What we found

Close inspection of their Google Ads campaigns found that it was poorly structured, with keywords dumped into a single campaign without topically relevant structuring that made sense for the services they provide. The campaign has also been paused for more than a year, with some conversions that brought in irrelevant traffic. Money was spent to acquire visibility from customers who aren’t the right fit.

We also found:

  • Traffic coming from areas from a nearby city they cannot serve
  • Incomplete tracking of all important conversion actions (website visits, calls from website, Google Maps direction)
  • Poor landing page design and optimization

How we improved our digital presence

In the best interest of time, as we gained access to the website and reviewed what has happened, our team went to work ensuring that the business’s best salesperson, their landing page, was well dressed well and can showcase all the right things to their ideal prospects. We designed the landing page off-site with the following touches:

  • Introduced the USP of providing on-site, same day services
  • Conveyed how other jewelers send their customer requests to their designers for work
  • Ensure the visitor what the page they landed on is meant to do (get them to call in for a consultation)
  • Added a form for visitors to fill

We also restructured the Google Ads campaigns to have multiple types of campaigns and a few setting improvements, including:

  • Re-optimized the smart campaign to focus on relevant services
  • Updated and narrow the search campaign keyword targeting
  • Excluded targeting from the other city and those who shown interest in the target area, but does not live there
  • Updated the previous service ad groups with fresh keywords with search volume
  • Added new ad variations with the best practices of ad copywriting
  • Set up conversion tracking for phone calls that come from the website

What came from our work

As a result of our work, we witnessed:

  • 3x conversions coming from numerous campaign types and keyword channels
  • Clear conversion actions coming from the paid search channels, both from website visits and from additional conversion actions
  • Successful re-launch to a restructured Google Ads account and campaign
  • Client increasing their marketing spend and requesting campaigning efforts on the organic front (SEO)
  • 50 calls per month to 200 calls and 50 form fills per month


Sometimes, it helps to get the fundamentals right. Following the guidelines Google Ads can be a strong start to a successful campaign. Though there are many ways to structure an account, when you structure it an optimal way, you are more likely to generate the attention you need for a lot less.

Having conversion-optimized landing pages and another means for visitors to contact you helps, too!

Interested in starting a conversation about your digital search? You can learn more about what we have to offer here, then reach out to us to discuss how we can help you.