This particular client have seen exceptional results from their initial set of keywords for one of their dental practices, and wanted to expand further by ranking their second location for a more competitive area. Specifically, they wanted to rank for “dentist” and “orthodontics”.

Having been working on their site for months prior, we knew the site had a few things going on for them:

  • We’ve built a sufficient amount of backlinks over the past 6 months to help the site establish domain authority, making it easier to rank for keywords
  • Given a few weeks, any new target keyword can rank in the top 30 within 4-6 weeks (authority status)
  • We are ranking in the top 10 of the main set of keywords they signed up for SEO services to rank

So we went to work on them. Here are the ranking results:

Keyword #1 reaching first page within two weeks
Keyword #2 hitting first page quickly
Keyword #3 reaching first page after few short weeks
Keyword #4 reaching first page after few short weeks
Keyword #5 almost reaching first page

When we analyzed the target keyword SEO competitors, we found many of the sites were ranking a dedicated page to the area. We also found the pages to be well-optimized for SEO (other SEO agencies/freelancers working on such competitive keyword cluster) and had a high domain authority (backlinks support).

Here is what we knew that we had to do for them:

  • Create a dedicated page with a URL structure, metadata, and heading tags optimized to signal visibility on our target area
  • Produced page content that were informative, clear, and compelling for selling and educating visitors on the dental services offered (~800 words)
  • Conducted an internal linking campaign connecting other service pages and the home page to this new page (pass link equity, improve topical authority, and helps the new page index quicker)
  • Conducted a link building campaign involving guest posts from sites that we have worked with previously and business directories (increasing link equity and presence in the area)

As a result, rankings overall has improved both for the target area keywords and for more competitive keywords.

The next steps from here is to continue increasing link equity and push for top 3-5 positions in the next 3-6 months.

Increasing organic search visibility

This client simply wanted to expand their reach across all of Ontario. They wanted more traffic, build greater brand awareness, and ultimately generate leads across the province.

After 6 months of campaigning, we have seen steady and progressive results:

Increasing total keywords visibility by nearly 70% within 6 months

We also find that their interested keywords have increased overall in ranking positions, although many more highly relevant, commercial keywords outside of our SEO plan have appeared.

We knew the site has achieved authority-status under Google’s eyes (any new content published ranks in the top 30 positions), so the strategy was simple. With an increased SEO budget and reallocation of resources, the strategy was to increase content production and publish as much commercial content s quickly as possible.

The results were phenomenal and the visibility was as expected:

Page 2 results – competitive, high volume keyword
Page 1 results – competitive, high volume keyword
Page 2 results – competitive, medium-volume keyword
Page 2 results – low-competition, low-volume keyword
Page 1 results – competitive, low-volume keyword

The next steps is to continue publishing additional content, focusing more on informative keywords and optimizing the site structure (both the menu physical hierarchy and the internal links virtual siloing).

Making it to the top

A client enjoying exceptional SEO results wanted to take it all the way to the top and dominate their market. We evaluated the market, looked over what it would take to accomplish such, and produced this overall result:

Going all the way to the top

The site was in a prime position to shoot for top 5 positions. The site had no technical SEO issues, the content on-page SEO was well-optimized, and link building was going well. All they needed was a little push. The question was from where?

What we notice was from the addition of new content, we found further optimization for additional, relevant keyword signals. This advanced optimization was to be carefully executed, as incorrect optimization can lead to a drop in rankings, traffic, and leads.

  • Comprehensive and thorough keyword and competition research was conducted to identify new opportunity keyword signals
  • On-page optimization was conducted both within the content body and content headings
  • Conducted an internal linking campaign to reorganize the virtual structure laid out for the site, and better optimizing the flow of link equity achieved for the site

As a result, we were able to push to the top of the mountain with high-volume service+area keywords and keywords of interest.

High-competition keyword, to position 5
Medium-competition keyword, to position 3
Medium-competition keyword, to position 2
Medium-competition keyword, to position 4
Low-competition keyword, to position 3

The next step is to continue ongoing link building campaign, continue careful optimization tests for improvements, and dominate the market as the #1 ranking site for high-volume keywords.